Several members of the Wu-Tang Clan have dabbled in acting, but member the GZA is taking a different approach. The Genius, who appeared in a segment as himself with Bill Murray in 2003's 'Coffee and Cigarettes,' will have his life portrayed on the small screen in a half-hour comedy dubbed 'Igotchaback,' slated to air on FX.

The single-camera series, which is being developed by actor David Krumholtz, will be loosely based on the Wu-Tang swordsman's life as well as his publicist Heathcliff Berru. The show will focus on an 'up-and-coming music industry manager tasked with representing an aging rap star mired knee-deep in existential crisis.' It is currently unclear if GZA will star in the pilot.

Aside from 'Coffee and Cigarettes,' GZA previously appeared as himself on the sketch comedy series 'Chappelle's Show.' The 44-year-old rapper, whose real name is Gary Grice, is currently working on 'Liquid Swords II: The Return of the Shadowboxer,' the sequel to 1995's classic 'Liquid Swords.' RZA confirmed that he will be handling the entirety of the production of the album, which GZA intended to release last fall.

Watch GZA's 'Breaker, Breaker'
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