Ghostface Killah recently set the Women's Movement back a few marks by stating that they are not equal to men. In a recent radio interview with Shade 45's Angela Yee, the Staten Island, NY, native discussed his upcoming album, before going off on a bit of a tangent and venturing into the subject of gender equality.

"You [have to] grow," he said of his lyrical content. "Like what Mary J. Blige did, she had to grow. I can't stay 25 my whole life. I'm getting wiser. I have to stop limiting myself and start talking about other situations [like] why women are in the club every week, or [why they] take one dude home a month. That's 12 n----s in one year that she f---ed! For a female that's not nice."

Noting the double standard between men and women, Ghostface went on to say that men are allowed to be promiscuous so long as they are single. "It's still not nice for a female. That's what's wrong with our people they put our women equal to men. We're not equal. I was here first," Ghost said.

"I'm saying, for a woman that's supposed to have respect [she should] not just let anybody slide into her temple. It's even worse if she [has] kids. I don't think it's [necessary] for someone who has respect for themselves to take a different [man] home every month."

Continuing his rant, the rapper also spoke on former video model-turned-author Karrine Steffans, who chronicled her sexual escapades with several hip-hop artists in two best-selling books. "I would never wife that. She had so many d---s in her mouth, I would never wife that." He concluded the discussion by saying that he would not commit to a woman who has had several sexual partners. "I ain't never made one of those [a promiscuous woman] my partner. If I f---ed her, I just f---ed her."

Aside from his upcoming solo release, 'The Wizard of Poetry,' Ghostface is said to be working on the collaboration album with fellow Wu-Tang members Method Man and Raekwon.