Wu-Tang fans were definitely in the building when Staten Island's own Ghostface Killah took over New York's B.B. King's Wednesday night (Nov. 11). Skyzoo and Sosh B got the "man fans" all warmed up and ready for the Great Ghostdini. Wasting no time, Ghost, who's currently on tour promoting his latest album 'Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City,' ran through hits from close to every project he's released in the two decades he's been in the game.

Rocking typical GFK attire -- a bright-colored Champion sweatshirt, a towel, jeans, and a bomber -- Ghost, with some help from Trife, sweated through tracks from 'Ironman,' 'Fishscale,' 'Ironman,' 'The Pretty Toney Album' and 'Supreme Clientele,' while appropriately mixing in some Wu classics. The hazy crowd rhymed along as the rapper ran through 'Fish,' 'Be Easy,' and 'The Champ.' But New York crowds are very particular, so Ghost cued up 'Run' to get the crowd in full riot mode.

Though ruckus is expected at most hardcore hip-hop concerts, one wouldn't have surmised that there would be a Michael Jackson tribute mid-Ghostface performance. GFK slowed it down and did a two-step on stage as the DJ played some MJ gems. But, that wasn't the only torpid moment in show. Ghost forced a sing-a-long of 'Whip You With a Strap' as the lights were dimmed at the rapper's request.

After rocking the crowd for over an hour -- and, of course, preaching about the difference between real hip-hop and what we're "programmed" tothink is hip-hop --Ghostface took some last minute requests to make sure he'd thoroughly entertained his hometown fans.

'Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City' is in stores now.