Wu-Tang Clan member and cult hero Ghostface Killlah has announced plans to release an illustrated (!) novel on July 29.

In the novel, titled 'Cell Block Z,' the Staten Island MC, whose birth name is Dennis Cole, tells the story of a boxer named Cole Dennis (!), "a heavyweight contender with a devastating right hook," living in a city in the future which is "being held hostage to chaos and terror."

The protagonist is framed for a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to a "foreboding high-tech super-prison whose masters secretly conspire to turn inmates into tomorrow's most terrifying bioweapons -- with Cole Dennis as the intended prize specimen."

Transformed into a "towering engine of destruction," the rapper boxer christens himself "Ghostface Killah" and his "cry of righteous rage will echo beyond the cold steel walls of Cell Block Z."

The novel is co-written by Marion Chapman and Shauna Garr (a novel this complex definitely needs three authors) and illustrated by Chris Walker. While Ghost's long-rumored biography has yet to come to fruition, this is clearly a step in the right direction.

In addition to the book, Def Jam has announced that Ghost will also be releasing a new album in September. The record, aptly titled 'The Wizard of Poetry,' will be "an r&b-influenced rap album."

Wu-Tang is for the kids.