Rapper Ghostface Killah has a limited-edition beer inspired by his name, and its literally the hottest on the market.

Twisted Pine, a brewery in Boulder, Colo., has announced the release of their Ghost Face Killah beer, which, though spelled differently, was inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan member.

"We tried to get in touch with him, but we didn't receive a call back," Twisted Pine General Manager Jody Valenta told the L.A. Times. "We wanted to contact Ghostface to set up a partnership with him."

Since Ghostface was unable to be reached for involvement in the brand, Twisted Pine claims that technically the beer's name stems from Ghostface's original inspiration, the "Ghost Faced Killer" character from 1979 kung-fu classic 'Mystery of Chessboxing,' whose lawyers gave their blessing for the product.

The pepper-infused wheat beer, which has been labeled "the hottest beer this side of hell," is brewed with six deadly peppers, including the world's hottest pepper, the Bhut Jolokia, or "ghost pepper," an Indian pepper so hot it can be considered a weapon, with 200 times the heat of the jalapeno. The beer has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records to be named the hottest pepper in the world.

Ghost Face Killah beer is limited to 100 bottles, and will be available in time for Cinco de Mayo (May 5).

Watch Ghostface Killah's '2getha Baby'
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