Since bursting on to the rap scene a few years ago, Future has been all over the place performing his brand of sing-songy raps. For his new video 'Mad Luv,' a song on his 'Monster' mixtape, the rapper returns to his roots.

The clip shows the Freeband Gang leader hitting up different parts of his Decatur, Ga. hood, including a housing development, corner stores and a number of gritty-looking blocks.

There's also a few scenes that show Future rapping in front of his entourage, as they all do their best to look as menacing as possible. Plus, a few celebrities show up including Mike WiLL Made-It, Jeezy and Rae Sremmurd. Throughout the video, the weed and the sizzurp flow freely.

"Got a Rollie on, got reverse doors / They got mad love for us, we getting mad dough," he raps in his Auto-Tune croon.

The 31-year-old spitter also chooses to dress down a bit, rocking a white hoodie and white bandanna. In another scene, he sports red-and-black "I Can't Breathe" sweatshirt in support of Eric Garner, who died while being arrested by the New York City Police Department.

Watch Future show love to his hood above.

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