Dirty Sprite 2 is the exclamation point to Future's stellar run in 2015 so far. After promoting his new album hard this week with his new documentary, Like I Never Left, he provides us with the finale of the five-part release.

In part five, Future speaks on Ciara's decision to date Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. While some men might be jealous seeing their ex-fiancee flaunting their new love interest on social media, Future doesn't seem to be bothered by her actions.

"I don't care," Future says. "I ain't got one feeling. When you love somebody the most you can love them, then s---, you feel good. They move on and somebody else make them happy, cool, 'cause that's what you wanted. You wanted them to be happy. You can't be bitter at that. You can't be bitter when somebody happy. That's selfish."

Future also addressed the hate on Instagram and how he deflects all of the negativity. "All these comments that you might see on my Instagram, man, I don't give a f--- about that s---," he explains. "Like I'm happy. I'm 100 percent happy with the person that I am and the s--- that I went through that I don't even care 1 percent."

And just when you thought Future dropped enough material, he hints that he might have more content on the way. Watch the "Real Sisters" rhymer open up about his feelings above.

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