On what traditionally has been considered a day of service, the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday is the perfect time to remember a man who did so much for the world. And that's probably what Future was thinking when he released a touching tribute video for the slain civil rights leader.

Using his song 'Blood Sweat and Tears' from his 'Honest' album, the Astronaut Kid put together some of King's famous speeches and his important marches in his inspiring clip.

The Freebandz leader chose the right song out of his repertoire to dedicate to MLK who would have turned 86 on Jan. 15.

"I gave my blood, sweat and tears / You couldn't have known what I did for this / You couldn't have known, you couldn't have known / You couldn't have known what I did for this," he raps.

Check out the timely video above and have a wonderful MLK Day.

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