Back at it #turbogrind #dontplayyourself #haaaa #crossfit

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No pain, no gain. French Montana has been hitting the gym hard and it shows. The rapper took to social media to flash his new svelte figure, which includes an impressive six-pack.

"Back at it #turbogrind #dontplayyourself #haaaa #crossfit," the rapper shared on Instagram. The fans enjoyed the view. "LOL FRENCH GETTIN SWOLE," commented one Instagram user while women shared smiley emojis.

French has shared his fitness journey on Instagram for some time now, including shots of him at the gym and motivational messages like "God wouldn't have allowed it unless He had a purpose. Don't just go through it -- grow through it." Lifting weights seems easy breezy for the 'Don't Panic' rhymer as well.

The rapper is not the only hip-hop star getting in shape. Rick Ross has shed significant weight too. “I’ve been working out. I’ve been on that Ross Fit program,” he shared on radio earlier this month. “It was something that, maybe a year-and-a-half ago, Reebok had introduced me to. I just kept doing my thing, and I done dropped a few of them [pounds]. Ross Fit, you’re just turning up. You’re just going hard. I just completed my first four-mile walk/jog.”

On the music front, French just shot the video for his new song 'Gucci Mane' featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. The song was originally titled 'Lose It' and is produced by Kanye West.

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