Lil Wayne's problems have just intensified. Rapper Flow, one of Weezy's Young Money artists, is wanted for the murder of two men in his hometown of New Orleans.

According to The Times-Picayune, two brothers -- Kendrick Bishop, 22, and Kendred Bishop, 18 -- were found shot and killed inside a black Kia sedan on May 25. Police haven't found a motive for the crime, but have obtained video suggesting that the man seen fleeing the scene is Widner "Flow" Degruy.

New Orleans police also issued a warrant for the YM rapper and are hopeful that he will turn himself in. Flow is allegedly shown in video surveillance footage captured at a convenience store at night and outside of a home, which appears to be hours later when the sun is up. In the first clip, he is reportedly seen wearing a blue hoodie and purchases items at the store with a friend while in the second video, he is shown running down a sidewalk as a man casually walks behind him.

Once he turns himself in, Flow will face two charges of second-degree murder, police say.

Lil Wayne collaborated with Flow earlier this year on the song "Off Day."

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