Since he's already decided that the best way to find the woman of his dreams is through an open-casting cattle call, Flavor Flav is clearly no stranger to grasping at straws. In that spirit, we'd like to hand him a particularly twisty one -- in the form of a hearty endorsement from a "world-renowned" numerologist who thinks that the Public Enemy jester hit the jackpot on the just-concluded second season of 'Flavor of Love.'

Hans Decoz says that Deelishis -- the woman whom Flav plucked from the ranks of floor-defecating, catfighting contestants who gathered to start the season -- could very well be his ideal life match. To prove his hypothesis, Decoz points out that Dee's numerological chart indicates that she's partial to taking risks, which always helps if one is planning to share connubial bliss with a partner fond of wearing hubcap-sized clocks and Viking horns to bed.

Being hopeless romantics, and fond of train wrecks, we're hoping the relationship pans out. That way, we can stock up on pork rinds for next year's inevitable followup -- 'Biz Markie Wants More Than Just a Friend.'