Estelle let it be known how she wanted things done in the bedroom on her song 'Make Her Say (Beat It Up)' while she lifted us up on her power ballad 'Conqueror.' Now the U.K.-bred singer wants people to get up on their feet with 'Something Good.'

However, instead of following the popularity of today's dance music, Estelle takes it back a couple of decades and brings us to the '90s. From the steady mid-tempo beat to the piano-driven melody, 'Something Good' follows the same vein as 1991's 'Gypsy Woman' by Crystal Waters and 1996's 'Don't Stop Movin' by Livin' Joy. And unlike today's tracks that last for only three-and-a-half minutes, this one is well over six -- long enough to break a sweat.

Despite the throwback sound, the lyrics are something that's a bit more timeless. Whatever was getting her down in the past, Estelle sings about picking herself back up and moving on to a better place.

"I was hurt for so long / Doesn't matter who was right / Doesn't matter who was wrong / All that matters is I'm back where I belong," she sings in the first verse.

'Something Good' is the latest single off of 'True Romance,' which debuts Nov. 4.

Listen to Estelle's 'Something Good'