Oh my! Estelle reveals her sexy persona on her new single, 'Make Her Say (Beat It Up).' The song is a far cry from her romantic ballads like 'Thank You.' Here, the U.K. singer gets ratchet and sings about her lady parts.

Produced by D.Smith, the song boasts a throbbing beat, finger snaps and tribal calls. On it, Estelle tells her lover how she wants things to go down in the bedroom.

"Shall I call you daddy? / Shall I call your name? / You can f--- me again, babe / But never the same / Drum like a tom-tom / Go like a train / Switch up positions / Or give me brain," she sings.

Oh behave, Estelle.

Reactions on Twitter have been positive with some taken aback by the 34-year-old artist’s raunchy lyrics on the song.

When one follower asked, "Your a naughty girl Estelle...?" the singer responded back, "Nope, I’m a grown ass woman."

Grown, indeed.

Estelle also informed her fans that a new mixtape will drop very soon. The collection is called 'Love & Happiness Part 3: How Stella Got Her Groove Back,' which is the third installment of her three-part EP series.

If this is the kind of music Estelle is bringing in 2014, then expect to hear some grown and sexy tunes from the British songstress.

Listen to Estelle's 'Make Her Say (Beat It Up)'