The ego trip crew strikes again with 'Under the Influence of ego trip Pt. 2,' the second installment of their acclaimed hip-hop documentary showcase, which takes place tonight.

'Under the Influence 2' features a screening of Ron Lawrence and Hassan Pore's controversial 2009 hip-hop doc 'Founding Fathers,' which explores the lesser-known "founding fathers" of hip-hop: the Disco Twins, DJ Divine, DJ Lance, Nu Sounds, King Charles, Pete "DJ" Jones, DJ Hollywood and others who DJ'd, promoted or MC'd in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan during the park jam era, when the art form was pioneered in the Bronx.

"Many of those featured/interviewed in the movie challenge the notion that the BX can be solely credited with hip-hop's invention (thus making the film very controversial in certain circles)," Ego Trip member Chairman Mao explained. "But no matter where your allegiances fall with regards to that theory, there's no disputing that the archival footage, pictures, and audio compiled here are impressive. You almost never hear anything about the BK and Queens guys from [back in the day], so this is the first serious document of that part of NYC music history."

'Under the Influence of ego trip 2' takes place Feb. 24 at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem at 7:30 PM. There is a suggested donation of $10, and you can click here for more info or to purchase tickets. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with one of the filmmakers, Hassan Pore, alongside film subjects the Disco Twins, DJ Lance, DJ Divine of Infinity Machine and renowned hip hop legend Fab 5 Freddy.

The ego trip crew founded their classic hip-hop magazine ego trip in 1994, and after its unfortunate demise in 1998, they went on to release old school hip-hop compilation with Rawkus Records in 2000, and several TV series' with VH1, including their hit 'The (White) Rapper Show' and less successful 'Miss Rap Supreme.' They are currently working on a crucial study on the history of white rappers.

Watch a clip from 'Founding Fathers'