Fans of both Drake and Common have been paying close attention to the lyrical war that has erupted between the two. The Chi-town rapper, who dropped his ninth studio album, 'The Dreamer, The Believer,' last month, recently had the last word -- until the Toronto MC serves a new verse -- with his remix to Rick Ross' track 'Stay Schemin.' Now, the team over at Ego Trip deliver a hilarious set of visuals that imagines a world where the two rhymers are best buds.

While the public still doesn't really know the cause of their verbal beef -- some say it stems from tennis star Serena Williams, who was romantically linked to both men -- the video serves as an imaginary truce for the two, with hand-holding and straw-sipping included.

In the clip, which is a quick 42 seconds, the 'Sweet' creator holds a snowglobe with the phrase "I heart Canada" inside, a nod to Drizzy's homeland. The 'Take Care' performer is then pictured with Common holding hands while dancing, embracing a set of puppies, sipping a can of Canada Dry ginger ale from the same straw, kayaking on a river and riding a horse. Every activity -- even watching a movie while eating a carton of ice cream -- showcases the duo together, looking joyful with a smile plastered on their faces. There's a very skilled Photoshop expert to thank for that.

In a fitting end to the video, both rappers' current album titles are used to put a final stamp on their new "friendship": "Dream. Believe. Take Care."

Watch Drake & Common Unite

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Common on Working on Hell on Wheels