Filmmaker Ashley Smith (aka Ash Innovator) is back with another head-scratching video that is completely NSFW. The director shot a clip for Drake’s song 'Draft Day,' a song in which he throws a couple of shots at Jay Z.

If you’re not familiar with Ash Innovator’s work, he’s the guy that directed the comical unofficial video for Rick Ross’ 'The Devil Is a Lie.' The visual features two priests reciting Rozay’s and Hov’s decadent rhymes.

In his new explicit clip for Drake’s 'Draft Day,' a naked blonde woman is spitting Drizzy’s acerbic rhymes in a blood-drenched room surrounded by dead bodies and a hanging football player.

The visual gets even more bizarre as a masked man devours spaghetti out of a pork belly. There’s also some simulated necrophilia and booty twerking as well.

So yeah, there’s a lot going on with this bizarre video.

Overall, it’s an interesting visual from Ash Innovator, who also shot a video for YG’s song 'Who Do You Love.'

Again, we stress that this 'Draft Day' video is NSFW. So if you value your job don’t play this when the boss is around.

Watch Ash Innovator's NFSW Unofficial Video for Drake's 'Draft Day'