As we wait patiently for Rick Ross to release a video for his new single, 'The Devil Is a Life' (featuring Jay Z), a talented independent director took upon himself to create a unique visual for the song.

Directed by filmmaker Ashley Smith (aka Ash Innovator), the clip features two Catholic priests reciting the rap duo’s luxury rhymes in front of a church.

While the priests are spewing their boastful lines, they also indulging in various vices including smoking, flinging stacks of money and allowing prostitutes to grope them. In essence, they are saying that temptation is all around us no matter how holy you are.

There’s also some imagery that some people may perceive to be satanic or part of the Illuminati. However, Smith says this is not the case and explains that it’s just visual effects.

Our only gripe we have with the video is that the two fictional priest are repeating the N-word, but we understand that it was for the sake of the art.

Overall, it’s an awesome visual treatment and humorous to watch.

We can’t wait to see what kind of visuals Rick Ross is going to bring in his official video.

In the meantime, you can cop Rick Ross’ song 'Devil Is a Lie' (featuring Jay Z) via iTunes.