Harlem's very own Dave East is following in Nas' footsteps with the release of his new mixtape, Hate Me Now -- the title of a song Nas dropped in 1999. Dave's first offering of the new tape is "Demons," a gritty banger produced by Sean C and LV.

"Crashed up my first whip / Could say I took the dummy route / My man's took some pills to Virginia / He tryna run the South / Back to the city, it's gritty / N----s is dumbing out / Cops giving out shots, no longer giving summons out," he rhymes.

The rapper also might be taking some cues from Future as he raps, "I can't predict the future, but I bet I'll f--- up some commas."

Although the rest of the tape won't be released until next month, the track list gives fans a glimpse as to why the rapper chose to name the tape Hate Me Now. For one track, East's title takes on an unpopular perspective: "No Coachella for Me." Another called "Dumb S---" should prove to provide some controversy as well.

The tape features some heavy hitters including Pusha T, Mack Wilds, Rico Love, Jadakiss, Styles P and of course, Nas.

The rhymer explained how the project he released last year will be different from his new material. "Black Rose was really personal to me, it made people pay attention but it was a certain moment in my life. Hate Me Now is a celebration for what's to come, a celebration for where I aspire to go with my career & the things I've gone through to get here," he said. "It's definitely a transitional piece in my journey. Hate me now while you can."

Hate Me Now, the follow-up to his 2014 mixtape Black Rose, arrives Oct. 2

Dave East's Hate Me Now Track List

1. "Made Me" feat. Makarel (Prod. by Jus x Caution)
2. "KD" (Prod. by Rico Suave)
3. "Demons" (Prod. by Sean C & LV)
4. "Forbes List" feat. Nas (Prod. by Tunesquad)
5. "It's Time" (Prod. by SquatBeats)
6. "Give It to Her" feat. Rico Love (Prod. by Earl & E)
7. "Get Acquainted" (Prod. by Tunesquad)
8. "I Can't Complain" feat. Pusha T (Prod. by Sunnydukes)
9. "Dumb S---" (Prod. by Richforever)
10. "Arizona" feat. Styles P (Prod. by Sean C & LV)
11. "All I Know" feat. Tray Pizzy (Prod. by Jahlil Beats)
12. "Nino" (Prod. by Don Cannon)
13. "Everything" Lit feat. Jadakiss & Styles P (Prod. by Tha Jerm)
14. "Bring a Friend" feat. Mack Wilds (Prod. by Taylor Mayde & DJ Webstar)
15. "No Coachella For Me" (Prod. by Automatik)
16. "Streets Ain't the Same" (Prod. by Buda & Grandz)
17. "Chose Me" feat. Floyd Miles (Prod. by Dot N Pro)
18. "Momma Working" (Prod. by Tunesquad)
19. "Numb" (Prod. by Triple A)
20. "I'll Do Anything" feat. Floyd Miles (Prod. by Tunesquad)

Listen to Dave East's "Demons"

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