D.C. Don Juan is back with a brand-new installment of his weekly audio series, 'The Rap-Up,' which sums up the week in news in a way only the innovative rapper can. Trailblazing with his debut single, 'Lookie Looky,' D.C. Don Juan will be posting a new recap every Friday in an exclusive stream on The Boombox.

The Bronx native, born Maurice Campbell Jr., moved to Washington, D.C. at age 12, an event that ultimately influenced his stage name. D.C. Don Juan eventually moved to Denver, where he cultivated his talent with the help of his friend Dermarr Johnson of the Denver Nuggets.

Later, the 23-year-old rapper relocated to Atlanta and collaborated with the likes of Polow Da Don and Boo and Gotti. By the end of 2006, his demo was given to Reggie "Big Reg" Turner, CEO of Nu Entertainment, who signed him immediately. D.C. Don Juan went on to sign a recording contract with Battery Records, culling material from his personal struggles with poverty and street life.

Listen to D.C. Don Juan talk about newsworthy moments from around the world in his latest installment of 'The Rap-Up' below.

'The Rap-Up' - Week 2