D.C. Don Juan is back once again with an all-new installment of his weekly audio series, 'The Rap-Up,' in which the Bronx-born rapper recaps the most newsworthy topics of the week over the music and hook from his debut single, 'Lookie Looky.'

D.C. Don Juan is hard at work on his debut album, which promises to be the best of the 4,000-plus songs he's already laid down. "I built my own studio at a young age," he tells Hip Hop DX. "Every morning, I'd wake up, I would do a song. I'd cut school to come home and do a song. I'd stay up doing songs. That's all I wanted to do. The songs just kept on coming, and 4,000 songs came like nothin'.

In the meantime, fans can hear D.C. Don Juan re-work 'Lookie Looky' with lyrics about the BP oil spill, Tiger Woods' divorce settlement, the recent Toyota recalls and more.