Curren$y's never been the type of artist to keep his fans waiting on new music. And this afternoon, he and his Jets crew delivered a new project, 'Red Eye,' that brings more than just some never-before-heard tracks.

To be fair, the most alluring part about 'Red Eye' is most certainly the fact that it contains 13 superbly blunted cuts from Spitta and his cohorts Cornerboy P, Fiend, and Young Roddy. Additionally, there are features from the likes of Juvenile, Cardo, and Thelonious Martin.

But that's not all.

'Red Eye,' which is a collaboration with torrent giant BitTorrent, also comes bundled with a coupon for free Jet Life lighters, tour posters, and a nearly nine-minute video called 'Chef Menteur.' It's essentially a day-in-the-life mini-documentary with footage of Curren$y and his crew members fixing their cars, hitting a bowling alley, and recording in the studio.

The only catch is that you have to enter you e-mail address to get the entire 'Red Eye' package. But, really, that's not much to ask for considering everything that you get for free. You can download the 'Red Eye' bundle on BitTorrent.