Curren$y was nothing short of dominant throughout 2010. His back-to-back 'Pilot Talk' albums were a hit with fan base and won him a great deal of new listeners and subscribers to the JET lifestyle. Never one to rest, Spitta continued his hot streak by opening 2011 with a brand new mixtape called 'Return to the Winner's Circle.' A sequel to his 2008 effort 'Welcome to the Winner's Circle,' Curren$y hopes the tape will please his fans until the releases of 'Pilot Talk 3' and 'Muscle Car Chronicles' later this year.

The new tape incorporates various tracks that have been floating around the Internet with just enough new jams to keep things fresh. He starts out spitting hard and quick on Rick Ross and Kanye West's 'Live Fast, Die Young' beat before venturing into some originals and a couple classic beats like Raekwon's 'Rainy Dayz.'

On that front, Rae actually heard the track and gave Curren$y props for riding over one of his true classics. "I was wondering [if it] would get to your ears," wrote Spitta on Twitter when addressing Raekwon's gratitude over the track. "I should have known better ... I feel way accomplished now bro ... Respect and thank u."

Download Curren$y's 'Return to the Winner's Circle' mixtape for free here and start off 2011 right.

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