After engaging in public feuds with his cousin Q-Tip, former collaborator Kanye West and former labelmate Pusha T, Queens rapper Consequence has finally opted to take the high ground, sort of.

In a recent interview with Street Disciplez Radio, Cons revealed that he has ended his beef with Kanye, whose music he had previously claimed credit for, and refused to discuss his issues with Q-Tip, although he did take responsibility for placing Tip's beats on Jay-Z and Kanye's 'Watch the Throne' album.

"I'm only here to talk about positive things," Cons said, definitively, on the subject of his cousin. "I'm really making a valiant effort to move in a positive direction. I had a lot of public discrepancies with a few folks that I had relationships with in the past, and I just think it's more healthy at this point to stay away from certain questions because I do have a blackout switch. It just goes. So, when you start saying today's secret words like certain peoples' names, that's where I just have to stop you."

When asked whether his issues with Pusha T, whom he had accused of cribbing his lyrics, had similarly been squashed, Cons revealed that the only person he'd come to terms with was Kanye.

"I ain't never do nothing with nobody," he exclaimed. "Only person I squashed anything with was Kanye West. Like I said I just really didn't want to talk about that kinda s---. It puts me in a light when I gotta talk about it, instead of just talkin' the high road and just saying' it's done

and we'll move past."

Finally, after repeatedly stating that he was attempting to remain positive, Cons sent a final jab Q-Tip's way. "Q-Tip knows what time is it with me," he said. "And I'm a positive energy person. That's why Q-Tip has three records on 'Watch the Throne.' And you can tweet that. Definitely tweet that and say I said it."

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