This year, Chris Brown released one mixtape and no full-length album, but he is making his voice heard in 2013's closing weeks. Last week, he released 'Loyal' featuring Lil Wayne and French Montana, and on Christmas day, he debuted 'Wildcat.'

Instead of lamenting about the opposite sex, the singer decides to use marijuana as a metaphor in a track that's clearly made for some clubbing. “I’ma break you down, baby / Lick you like a swisher / Light that s--- on fire, Mary Jane I'm about to hit ya," he sings. It's a pretty obvious comparison, but some of the song's other similes are admittedly a bit too on the nose ("Yo p---- is a crybaby).

Chris Brown's fifth studio album 'X' is due in 2014 after repeated delays.

Listen to Chris Brown's 'Wildcat'