Chris Brown shares personal details from his life story for MTV's new show "This Is How I Made It."

"When I found out they wanted to sign me, I went into the bathroom and started crying," he shared. "It was me finally saying, 'Thank you,' like, yes, I finally got a 'yes' in my life. Born in the country, in the poverty, different things, there's a lot of 'no's'."

The F.A.M.E. hitmaker remembers his childhood in the clip, singing in the kitchen for his mom and listening to Prince, Michael Jackson and MC Hammer.

Brown was signed in his early teenage years, and listening to him relate his experiences auditioning for L.A. Reid and traveling outside his small county in Virginia for the first time gives a whole different perspective on the "Run It!" singer.

After his controversial experiences with Rihanna and domestic abuse, the video shows a softer side of Brown that is encouraging to see. View the full episode below.

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