Chris Brown is calling it "real hip-hop s---" on his Twitter page. The "real hip-hop s---" he is referring to is actually the low-budget music video for his Hudson Mohawke-produced track 'Your Body.' However, with the laid-back production style, we're going to have to say 'Your Body' takes a back step to the "real hip-hop s---" found on Brown's BET-nominated single 'Look At Me Now.'

All s----talking aside, Breezy does score points with his attempt at rapping on the new single, at times sounding like a less cocky Kanye West when spitting about "Louis bags and hundo stacks." As Breezy breezes along lit-up city avenues looking like he has a bunch of stuff on his mind, he sings -- err, raps -- that all he's really got on his mind is "your body."

You won't find 'Your Body' on Brown's recent blockbuster album, 'F.A.M.E.' And, it's not being tagged to its follow-up, 'Fortune,' due later this year. Speculation leads to a new hip-hop mixtape Brown announced on his Twitter page yesterday (June 14). "Before my Fortune album drop ima put out a hip hop mixtape." he wrote, before backtracking. "Well, still kinda debating."

Either way, one thing is sure, after releasing the SWV remix for 'She Ain't You' earlier this week, and a scheduled performance at the 2011 BET Awards and two possible albums on the horizon, Breezy is keeping busy.