When you first see someone who catches your eye, how do you approach them? Childish Gambino answers that question in the visuals for 'Sober,' a straight R&B cut that sounds more like an Usher song than a rap track.

The video takes place in an empty fast-food restaurant, where the former 'Community' star sees a pretty girl, stares at her for a while, then proceeds to move towards her table. But instead of trying to be all suave, the rapper does some strange dance moves for her and follows that up with even stranger behavior.

Predictably, the girl moves to another table. Wouldn't you if some weird guy was creeping into your personal space? Gambino continues to do crazy facial expressions and even pulls a dove out of his jacket.

The egg move is the clincher. He hands one to her and cracks it. From there, a note spills out that reads,"I'm so high,' which might explain some of his off-the-wall behavior.

'Sober' is off the 31-year-old's  'STN MTN / Kauai' EP, which he dropped last year.