Hip-hop nerds rejoice. Chief Keef is calling out your favorite comic book characters in the new trap banger "Superheroes" featuring A$AP Rocky as his comrade (and sometimes arch-nemesis).

The bass-heavy beat, filled with airhorns and what sounds like a woman screaming, sets the perfect theatrical atmosphere for heroes, vigilantes and villains.

"I'm off this Earth I feel like Superman / Cocky like He-Man, cut like Wolverine / Come through yo' block like Green Goblin / Wetting s--- up Spider-Man," Keef raps.

"Like Batman with a Glock, ay / Red beams on the gun bitch, Cyclops, ay / Wonder Woman, I name my watch, ay / I got my heat, I feel like He-Man," he continues.

A$AP Rocky comes in with the assist, but shuffles it up a bit with his rhymes. He reminds the listener he's not always the hero.

"Everything is purple, yes I am the Joker then / Life's a game of poker, tell that n---- 'Show your hand' / I'm pullin' cards, I think it's time you n----s fold again," the A$AP Mob leader delivers.

But later, he flips the script when he refers to himself as Peter Parker and as the black Batman.

"Superheroes" is off of Chief Keef's forthcoming album, Bang 3, due Aug. 18. The LP can be streamed in its entirety below.

Listen to Chief Keef's 'Bang 3' Album

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