By now it seems like every rapper has jumped on the remix to Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O." After Rick Ross' controversial molly lyrics on the track received national attention, it seemed to grow even more popular. Adding a fresh spin on the effort, Black Hippy delivers a new version for the masses.

The foursome of Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul released the track to support the good kid, m.A.A.d city tour, which began this week. Lamar headlines and his crew will also take the stage, in addition to fellow West Coast native Kid Ink.

"I f---ed up the rap game you ain't even know it/ I just f---ed what's her name and you ain't even know it," Lamar spits at the song's start.

"This hoodie here about two stacks/ Hell yeah that bitch gon' go ham / Molly in her drink but she ask me too / And oh yeah I got this on cam," Ab-Soul rhymes.

"Know real n----s that's Crips/ I know real n----s that's Bloods / Know real n----s that's thuggin' like you ain't know what's up/ Got codeine in my cup," Schoolboy Q delivers.

"Rock, I was off the scene/ Now a n---- back like a four-and-a-half/ Shootin' up the set like Spielberg / See the big picture when the hammers flash," Jay Rock adds.

The good kid, m.A.A.d city tour concludes in Mesa, Ariz., on June 26.