Bill O'Reilly has always challenged rap music, so it's no surprise he had unflattering words for Kanye West following this year's MTV Video Music Awards.

O'Reilly, the host of America's most-watched cable news program, 'The O'Reilly Factor,' crowned West his "Ultimate Pinhead!" in the show's 'Patriots & Pinheads' segment. O'Reilly reserves the segment for two people: the ones helping the country (the patriots) and the ones that harming it (the pinheads.) "We usually begin with the patriot but for tonight, the pinhead kicks it off," O'Reilly began. "We may have made Mr. West a pinhead before, but he is one troubled guy," he said while rolling a tape of West storming the stage during singer Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the awards show.

The right-wing political commentator also discussed West's behavior with the night's guest, comedian Dennis Miller, who also ripped into the Chicago native. "I've met that type," Miller said, after admitting he's never met Ye personally. "The type that's raised in this generation and thinks the world revolves around them. You know, you see a lot of kids like that nowadays. I'll try to sneak my answers in here in between his apologies, but he knows it's hit the fan. And he can only be thankful that it's hit the fan in this generation, where a guy like him can rise to the top because it's the diminished expectations of an off-the-rack culture.

"What he did -- if he was any more low rent, he would have been a Spring Break destination." Miller continued. "That was a horrible thing to do. She's a [19-year-old] kid in the moment of her life, and he plays the bully part there. And you know what? In the old days he would have been shamed. We would have shunned him, put him on a list or something, where you're shunned from the pack. We don't do that anymore. So, I guess he can feel bad if he really feels bad, but this guy has done this before. He ought to start buying some preemptive apologies, like carbon credits or pay-per indulgences, before he goes up a red carpet, because it seems like this is his M.O. He's pretty insecure. I guess we can all say, 'Yes, we take the apology, but just zip it for a while. Everybody's tired of it. It's boring. Even you must know at this point you've gone too far."

West has been receiving a slew of bad publicity for his VMA stage-crashing stunt. He has since apologized to Taylor Swift both public and personally. Additionally, the rapper has vowed to take time off for reflection.