Wu-Tang Clan may be for the children, but Method Man wants his listeners to know his new album is for grown folk only -- the ones who remember what hip-hop was like before pop features and gimmicky dances. A time when backpacking was more about spitting socially conscious rhymes than moving weight. The Meth Lab, the rapper's fifth solo album, has one central theme: authenticity is paramount.

Meth pays homage to the original New York he knows, the gritty streets of Staten Island and the codes he lived by while roaming the blocks. And much like some native New Yorkers, he resists its inevitable evolution, rejecting the gentrification of rap. While the album is full of features from younger artists, Meth clowns the ones he deems soft  -- without naming any names -- who have probably never touched a gun in their lives.

On this album, a follow-up to 2006's 4:21 ...The Day After, Meth Heads (as he affectionately calls his fans) get more of what they've always loved about the rap vet: witty wordplay, trash talk and a generally laid-back rawness. There's a method behind his lyrical madness. Check out how we break down his rhymes in 10 Best Lyrics From Method Man's The Meth Lab Album.