No, this is not a joke. In the latest of a series of questionable and potentially credibility-crippling collaborations, BAPE (A Bathing Ape) have been tapped to redesign the uniforms for Olive Garden employees.

The companies have yet to officially confirm this news, but apparently the new uniforms are going to hit select American locations of the restaurant franchise this Holiday season. And by the looks of it, we can expect our friendly Olive Garden waiters and waitresses to be sporting classic BAPE camo as they fetch us our extra breadsticks.

This is all too strange.

A Bathing Ape heads have had to put up with some pretty horrible things (like those Pepsi cans, Playboy playing cards or that god awful "" tee) since Nigo sold 90% of his stake to Chinese fashion giant I.T. back in February 2011, but this right here takes the cake (or should I say cavatappi).