For all of you playing 'Grand Theft Auto V' at a steady rate these days, you've no doubt heard and committed virtual crimes while listening to this A$AP Rocky track. Everyone else, enjoy some newness from the Harlem rapper.

'R. Cali' was recorded exclusively for the record-breaking video game that's already made more than a $1 billion in about a week's time. Crazy, right? Well, not really when you consider that the predecessor, 2008's 'Grand Theft Auto IV,' also sold like the video game version of hotcakes. But enough about that.

Rocky's track is a menacing, West Coast-tinged burner that fits in perfectly on the killer (no pun) soundtrack for 'GTA V.' It's easy to imagine cruising around in the game and bumping this on the way (or during) a mission, though it's also great to have it outside of the context of all that. Also, yes, this song did leak prior to the release of 'GTA V,' but this is the CD-quality version.

You can listen to 'R. Cali' below.

[via HotNewHipHop]