A corner bodega, a dirty laundromat and his crew. That's all A$AP Rocky needed to put together the 'Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2' video.

Just like his last video 'Multiply,' the Harlem native takes to his neighborhood streets to showcase his love for fashion and trippy visuals.

There's also projectors used, giving most of the scenes a low-fi, jumpy quality, which is exactly what the 26-year-old rapper was going for.  "I wanted to make a fun lo-fi video using projectors and showcasing the fun energy," he said while conducting a Q&A on Tumblr.

You'll also see the A$AP Mob jumping around and dancing as Rocky visits a house party and delivers his raps inside of a large sweaty crowd.

As far as his wardrobe choices, the self-proclaimed "Fashion Killa" keeps things pretty simple, aside from the scene in the laundromat where he rocks an ankle-length fur coat.

He's also sipping a 40 oz. bottle in a brown paper bag, effectively meshing high glamour and old-fashioned hood fabulousness.

There's also a touching tribute to his fallen comrade A$AP Yams, who suddenly passed away in January. "Always strive and prosper. Rest in peace A$AP Yams," it says.

A$AP Rocky's sophomore album, 'A.L.L.A,' should be out later this year.

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