After releasing several low-budget, cult-favorite YouTube videos, A$AP Rocky has returned with a NSFW clip for his Hit Boy-produced single "Goldie," which finally suits his reported $3 million signing.

With the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, the Harlem MC returns to direct and style the A$AP approximation of a Eurotrip, driving A$AP Yams around Paris, clutching bottles of champagne, rocking plenty gold, high fashion and furs and boots, amidst naked women doing coke.

"Basically the concept of the video is to be more flamboyant and just to showcase a lot of flashy luxury -- old foreign cars and fashion models," Rocky explained in a teaser video, released earlier this week. "I need you to know this is all my idea. I'm the flyest motherfucker you know."

"Goldie" is the first single from A$AP Rocky's forthcoming RCA debut LP, Long.Live.A$AP, due in July.

"With this video, I think people are gonna respect the art and the visions," Rocky continued. "They gonna respect the swag."

Watch A$AP Rocky's "Goldie" Video