Would you like some fan fiction? Rap bandit Bobby Cruz imagines how A$AP Rocky went from his ‘Fashion Killa’ video with Rihanna to Drake’s ‘Hold On’ clip.

When Drake calls you have to drop everything, it’s a lesson A$AP Rocky learned early in his rap career. His first call from Drizzy came a few years back, when the OVO mastermind urged the Harlem style maven to join his Club Paradise Tour; this night however, the tone of Drake’s voice was much more urgent.

"I need her back dog," a despondent Drake said through the phone, his voice trembling with anger and sadness.

"I’ma come clean, we’re kinda busy right now," a jovial Rocky replied. "Everyone thinks we’re shooting a video, but we’re on a late night shopping spree. We hit Alexander Wang, DKNY and she’s rocking this Tom Ford zebra print dress, she look fresh off the runway lord," Rocky described his night on the town with childlike glee, showing a complete disregard for his friend’s broken heart.

"I’m not talking about Rihanna, man. We off that," Drake explained. "I’m talking about Ashley, the dime I met on South Beach back in 1985 when I auditioned for ‘Miami Vice.’ Michael Mann just didn’t see the vision," Drake said with regret in his voice

The call killed Rocky’s vibe instantly. In the moment that he took to answer his iPhone, his video co-star began banging away on her handheld, firing off a barrage of Twitter bombs at her latest adversary. "Likkle gal wan romp wit ras clot mi," Rih Rih muttered to herself with a sly smile as she and Rocky walked side by side down Mercer Street in New York City’s SoHo section. "Ya dun kno, Teyana ain’t got enough money to come fi test. I hate broke bitches."

Torn between salvaging his date and helping a dear friend, an ambivalent Rocky blurted out: "I’ma come clean Drizzy, you need to chill with this time traveling s--t. I mean it’s jiggy and all that, but ever since you put the flux capacitor in the Maybach—you just ain’t the same--nothing is the same." Though he protested, he knew his words would do nothing to change the lovelorn rapper’s mind.

The way Rocky saw it, Drake could have any girl that he chose and even if he had a thing for ’80s chicks, he could just go back into time and smash Apollonia or Vanity or Lisa Lisa. "Damn Lisa Lisa was bad," Rock thought to himself.

Ashley was different though. Drake met her on a curious time traveling trip that he and Rocky took after repeatedly listening to Future’s 'Tony Montana' on the Club Paradise Tour bus. Kendrick Lamar was on the tour too, but 2013 Drake warned 2012 Drake that Kendrick would call him out on Big Sean’s "Control," so the good kid from the m.A.A.d city was left out of the mission.

Drake and Rocky instantly made "Scarface" moves in 1980s South Beach. They got some work from Griselda Blanco, but eventually double crossed her and made a fortune in the process. In an effort to wash their dirty money the pooled their earnings and bought the Babylon Club.

It was during the club’s grand reopening, when Drake first met Ashley Moore, a young local model with exotic eyes, flowing curly locks, beautiful full lips and an ass to die for. She wore a white lace dress, inspired by Madonna’s "Like a Virgin" performance at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards (yes in 2013 it is unusual to wear a wedding dress to the club, but trust us in 1984 it was all the rage).

There must’ve been a football field between them, but it was love at first sight. With sweaty palms and a heart that was beating out of his chest, Drake took a sip of Moscato and built up the nerve to make his way across the room. "I got my eye on you, you’re everything that I see," he said softly into her ear, while Toto’s 1982 hit 'Africa' blared through the club speakers.

It was a whirlwind of a night and the very next day Drake moved Ashley into his Miami mansion. It was the best 24 hours of his life, but two days after they met Blanco’s henchmen came and snatched it all away and kidnapped her.

Drizzy had every intention of finding his love and saving Ashley, that was until he got a phone call from his boss's boss, Bryan "Baby" Williams. "Hey playboy, it’s time to turn in that album. 'Nothing Was the Same' belee dat," said the voice on the other line before making an elegant bird call and immediately hanging up.

Drake was at a crossroads. The thought of losing his love left him in despair, but there was no way that the calculated lyricist was going to pass up the chance to release an album in the same calendar year as Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, 2 Chainz and J. Cole; so Drake reluctantly returned to 2013 to finish up his LP which hit stores last week Tuesday (Sep. 24)

Ashley was left to die at the hands of Blanco’s thugs, but once his musical mission was complete Drake knew what he had to do: time travel back to 1985 and prevent Ashley’s death. To do so he needed Rocky’s help.

"I’m coming to get you now," Drake told the Harlem MC over the phone.
In that very instant Drizzy’s Maybach peeled around the corner onto Mercer Street, coming to a screeching halt in front of Marc Jacobs SoHo store front. Noah "40" Shebib was at the wheel, and Drake was in the back. "Get in," the OVO captain instructed.

"Damn you light skin dudes go hard for your women," Rocky said before he dove into the open Maybach door.

The sudden commotion was enough to break Rihanna out of her social media-induced spell; she lifted her head up from her phone and stopped her back and forth with Teyana Taylor. "Where yu gon," she yelled out in a thick Bajan accent.

"Just hold on," Drake responded. "We’re going home!"