Amber Rose falls just short of Kardashian territory when it comes to garnering headlines. Known for leaving most men in a daze with her curvacious figure, the former dancer-turned-model says that she was the one feeling a little woozy during a night out last month when she accused Kanye West of using Travi$ Scott as a ghostwriter for his rhymes.

Rose claims she was drugged that nightat a Los Angeles club in early May. The words in question? "Stop playing n----s I used to f---, stop, stop,” she said, taking shots at West during a DJ's set. “But wait, why don’t we play the n---- who writes his songs for the other n----, Travi$ Scott. Let’s go. Let’s go. He writes his songs for the other n----. Let’s go.”

While skeptics may take that excuse with a grain of salt, Amber Rose insists that statement was no hoax at all. During an interview with radio personality Big Boy, she believes that someone may have tampered with her drink, prompting her to state the comments about West.

“Can I be honest with you guys? And I know this sounds really cliche, and like an excuse -- I really feel like someone put something in my drink that night," she says during the sit-down. "I’ma be honest. Because, one I don’t talk like that. And two, um, I had two cocktails and it was Crown and coke -- and I always drink Crown and coke -- and I had a couple sips of champagne. That’s it."

She then dropped the bomb that she was stripped naked when she woke up, which leads to even more questions as to what happened that night. “I literally blacked out, threw up all night, I woke up in my bed naked -- with no clothes on. I don’t do drugs, I don’t even smoke weed, I’ve never did a drug in my life. It was very weird,” Rose explains.

Rose putting the blame on someone else for her comments about Kanye West's creative process could be hard for some to believe, but being drugged is definitely nothing to take lightly.

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