Aussie rapper Allday is the Down Under's next big thing. The 24-year-old makes his U.S. debut with his album, Startup Cult.

On the LP, Allday tackles themes of love, fame and taking pride in his hometown. Often delivering laid-back rhymes over smooth, head-nodding beats, the 24-year-old sets himself apart from the pop rap sounds of Australia's biggest rapper -- Iggy Azalea.

One standout track from Allday's effort is "Wolves," a song about how he aspires to be like one very accomplished Brooklyn MC. "Climbing up the beanstalk / Giants never fazed me / They cutting up a Maybach / How can I be Jay Z?" he rhymes over the chill M-Phazes-produced beat.

Allday's style can best be described as the name of his recently released mixtape, Soft Grunge Love Rap. The free tape as well as his 17-track album is backed by the U.S. label, Wind-up Records.

Luck is definitely in Allday's favor since he dropped out of art school to pursue his music career full-time. Allday, born Tom Gaynor, lived off "stolen sachets of microwave rice for months" in South Australia. And on that diet, he still made waves on Aussie's radio stations. It's still paying off as the upcoming rapper racked up over 500,000 plays on SoundCloud and more than 175,000 followers on Instagram. He's set to hit the road with Mod Sun and make an appearance at the annual CMJ Music Marathon in New York next month.

Experience Soft Grunge Love Rap here and stream Allday's debut album, Startup Cult, below.

Listen to Allday's Startup Cult Album

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