Jadakiss caught up with The Crosby Press in New York City last week before taking the stage for a backyard ALIFE Session.

During their conversation, 'Kiss said that getting the youth involved in hip-hop culture is a newer thing and wasn't always the case.

"There used to be a time where the older cats would tell the youth to go sit down. Nowadays every family, every record label, every movement, website, they've got a couple young cats involved to keep everything in perspective."

When speaking on his future plans with music, the Ruff Ryders artist said that he has no plans to hang up to mic soon and is still planning to release a slew of new music.

"I see myself in the future just still rocking out. This ['Top 5 Dead or Alive'] album's going to come out, new LOX album is going to come out and that's just going to give wings to everything that we do."

Watch the full video below, which includes the Jadakiss interview and his backyard performance with ALIFE.