Action Bronson is the perfect host for a show, which is probably why the folks at the Munchies channel gave him his own Internet program called 'F---, That's Delicious.' Last week, we featured a teaser of the show and now, the first episode arrives.

The bearded lyricist visits two food spots in New York City as he recounts his two months on the road opening up for Eminem on the Rapture Tour.

The first place Bronson goes to is Roberta's in Brooklyn, an Italian eatery that looks more like an abandoned factory than anything else. Don't those kind of places usually serve the best food for some reason? Bronsolino speaks about how much he loves the place, as he orders a tasty looking pasta dish, and gives his take on how good the food is.

The chef also visits Eddie's Sweet Shop, located in the Flushing section of Queens, N.Y. Out of the two restaurants, Eddie's Sweet Shop seems to be the closest to the rapper's heart. He reveals he visited the place as a child and fell in love with all of the candy, ice cream and milkshakes.

What's also cool about the episode is when Bronson talks about being on the Rapture Tour because since he's still relatively a new artist, his excitement for traveling to places like South Africa, Australia and Hawaii is evident, which makes it easier for viewers to live vicariously through him.

He also shows footage from a couple of exotic places too. Like a restaurant in South Africa, where you order the meat of your choice, they give it to you raw, then you take it to the next room where there's a huge fire pit. From there, the chef throws the meat right on the flames.

As far as being a host, Bronson does a stellar job and he has the perfect combination of humor, wit and culinary know-how since he's also a chef.

Hopefully, 'F---, That's Delicious' will continue with more episodes because Action Bronson's mix of wit, humor and culinary talk is pleasing to watch unfold.