Action Bronson is getting his grub on. The gourmet chef-turned-rapper has a new food show in the works, 'F--k, That's Delicious,' which will appear on Vice's cooking channel 'Munchies.'

Currently, the robust MC is touring with Eminem on the Rapture tour, and in the show's trailer, viewers can see Bronson stopping in various cities and countries, visiting restaurants, tasting all kinds of food and meeting the locals.

He also talks about his past life as a chef and how he developed a deep love for cooking and eating tasty dishes.

"People probably look at me and think 'He's not really like a cook or a chef,'" said the 'Blue Chips' rapper. "This is my life beforehand, so I can probably do all this s--- with my eyes closed."

The first episode of 'F---, That's Delicious' will air in May.