After a few years of putting work in on the underground circuit, hip-hop's current wild man Action Bronson is finally ready for prime time. With the release of his major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, set to touch down on March 24, he has spent the first two months of the year setting the stage for his much anticipated LP. Action, known for his off-the-wall antics and unpredictability, delivers his latest offering in the form of his new video for "Actin Crazy."

Whenever you check out anything that the Flushing, Queens native puts out, you expect something lively and original, and he rises to the occasion yet again with this entertaining clip. The video begins with Action entering a studio space and greeting two beautiful women with open arms. He's prepping himself to go in front of the camera, but we soon find out that this is no ordinary clip when the green screen changes to a spaceship going to outer space.

The spaceship gets hit by an asteroid and the MC is sent back to the green screen. He's visibly inebriated or hallucinating, attempting to pull it together instead of literally "actin crazy." He imagines a bench on the set as a fire-breathing bird and a sea creature with ray guns for eyes. After that, a guy in a dinosaur costume appears on the set with a basketball and checks the bearded rapper, who goes back to La La Land in his head, knocking the poor guy over and delivering a Space Jam-worthy dunk that Hugh Hefner would definitely approve of.

This video is one of the more original efforts in recent memory and does the addictive Noah "40" Shebib-produced banger justice with a deserving visual experience.

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