Even though the release of his next album, 'Mr. Wonderful' is still a few months away, Action Bronson is starting to role out some solid songs from the effort. The first one being 'Easy Rider' and the second 'Actin Crazy,' which is his latest offering produced by Omen and Noah "40" Shebib.

Right off the bat, Bronsolino delivers strong wordplay and interesting rhymes, switching back and forth from comedic to flat-out dope.

"All my life I was a f--- up, now I pull the truck up / Same bitch stuck up, now she wanna suck us / See me hanging out the window screaming 'What, what,' / No more tough luck, a different cloth is what I'm cut from," he spits.

Both producers craft a unique track that appears to be a sample playing backwards, which works on all levels and matches well with Action's Ghostface Killah-type flow.

Bam Bam also released the tracklist for 'Mr. Wonderful,' a 13-song release with guest features from people like Chance the Rapper and Big Body Bes. Mark Ronson and Alchemist contribute beats as well.

'Mr. Wonderful' arrives March 24.

Listen to Action Bronson's 'Actin Crazy'

'Mr. Wonderful' Tracklist

1. 'Brand New Car'
2. 'When I Rise' feat. Big Body Bes
3. 'Terry'
4. 'Actin Crazy'
5. 'Falconry' feat. Meyhem Lauren & Big Body Bes
6. 'Thug Love Story 2017 The Musical' (Interlude)
7. 'A. City Boy Blues' feat. Chauncy Sherod
8. 'B. A Light in the Addict' feat. Party Supplies
9. 'C. Baby Blue' feat. Chance the Rapper
10. 'Only In America' feat. Party Supplies
11. 'Galactic Love'
12. 'The Road'
13. 'Easy Rider'