When you're a hot-to-trot DJ such as A-Trak, your schedule fills up fast. Aside from working as Kanye West's touring DJ, A-Trak has just come off a nine event in three days run at Miami's Winter Music Conference, to which he describes the southern port town as "having good parts and bad parts." "Miami clubbing has to do a lot with more caricatural, guido clubs, cheesy music and implants of all sorts," he tells The Boombox. "But WMC is one of the times when you get to catch up -- those parties themselves don't matter that much. Nothing ever happens as it's planned."

So, what's on tap for this week? His latest mix 'Infinity + 1' hit stores on March 31 -- it's one of two mixtape related albums slated for this year. "This CD, the way I assembled it, is a different listening experience than one of my live shows. There's a lot more editing and a lot more of a montage side to it. I'll have a mix going for a long time, but then I'll add a bunch of layers."

A-Trak says 'Infinity + 1' took a month to make, which he says is a long time in the mixtape world. If touring through the summer, starting to think about his next studio record, and running his label Fools Gold isn't enough to keep him busy, he's at the production helm for Kid Sister's long delayed debut. Formerly known as 'Dream Date,' A-Trak says the new version is going well. "We went back to the lab to finish the first half of the album and now we're at a point where it's coming together again. We're kind of swapping out songs. We don't even know what the title is going to be." We're certain they'll find time for that.