Talk about a trippy video. Normally, a black-and-white visual is deemed as pretty generic by today's standards, but in the case of 8ky 6lu, he supersedes that notion and delivers a mind-blowing effort for his new song, "FXCK YEAH."

The former member of LMFAO shows off his eccentric side in the clip, which he shot and edited himself. For the first 30 seconds, the video is pitch black then 8ky 6lu pops up, lights a cigarette, points his middle finger at the camera and lets off countless rounds of bars. "Grind hard, might need dentist, with every sentence / I use my senses, I'm like Spider-man, you just hopping fences," he raps feverishly.

His frenetic flow and of course his bizarre personality are showcased and what's even more interesting about the video is that he manages to squeeze in an impromptu press conference. Where they do that at? A lady in the crowd of his pseudo conference asks him, "Are you finally gonna come out with any new music?" A vexed 8ky 6lu takes off his shades and grills the lady, before vibing out with two freakishly looking characters. Despite not really answering the question, we can assume that 8ky 6lu has something brewing.

Watch 8ky 6lu (pronounced Sky Blue) get into his zone above.

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