Who knows if LMFAO will finally join forces again to make more college anthems after being on hiatus since 2012? Sadly, that day is not today (Aug. 23). However, it is 8ky 6lu's birthday. He turns 29 years old.

8ky 6lu and Redfoo teamed up to form LMFAO in 2006, and quickly made their name in the Los Angeles club scene. Eventually, Jimmy Iovine got introduced to LMFAO through will.i.am. The duo was soon signed to Interscope Records.

The hits came soon after. Although the album sales for Party Rock were tepid, the project did manage to produce three hits, including the electro-club smasher "Shots" featuring Lil Jon. LMFAO's second album, Sorry for Party Rocking, would go gold. Of course, that's thanks to the success of "Party Rock Anthem," the duo's lone Billboard No. 1 song and their biggest hit.

Hits can get you sued, though. The breakdown of the "Party Rock Anthem" interpolates Rick Ross' 2006 hit "Hustlin": "Everyday I'm shufflin." Ross claimed copyright infringement, and the case has yet to be solved even after LMFAO went on hiatus.

8ky 6lu is still keeping on after the split. He's released a number of solo singles, like "FXCK YEAH," but the new songs haven't made as much noise as "Party Rock Anthem." However, people are still party rocking in some part of the globe.

Watch 8ky 6lu's "FXCK YEAH" Video

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