Move over, Robin Leach. It looks like 2 Chainz will now be the man to show the world what it's like to live in luxury.

In a new GQ web series, the 'Trap Back' rapper will be hunting down and trying out some of the most luxuries toys, gadgets, foods and even toothbrushes in the world. 'Most Expensivest S---' will give 2 Chainz the chance to indulge in extravagant items like the most expensive burger, retailing at $295, and a $2 million car.

"I can be over the top sometimes," he says in the video as a montage plays showing the rapper posing with ridiculously expensive luxuries.

Viewers will get put on to some outlandish baller products while watching 2 Chainz make hilarious comments about his experience trying them out.

Watch 2 Chainz Shop for a $2 Million Car

Watch 2 Chainz Taste the World's Most Expensive Burger