Media outlets went into a frenzy last month after 2 Chainz and 10 others were arrested on the rapper's tour bus in Oklahoma City, OK for drugs that were allegedly in plain sight during a routine traffic stop. While the Atlanta MC took to Twitter saying, "Don't ask me ask OKC police department what they found on the bus,,,,u won't get an answer because nuthn was found," it seems official reports say otherwise.

TMZ got a hold of the police report filed on the incident, and it states 2 Chainz's tour bus "was carrying two semi-automatic pistols, a 12-gauge pump shotgun, plus prescription painkillers and weed paraphernalia."

While Oklahoma is known for being a gun-friendly state, especially after Governor Mary Fallin signed Senate Bill 1733 allowing registered gun permit holders to carry open and concealed handguns, it is illegal to carry any long gun, assault weapons, short barreled rifles or shotguns unless otherwise registered with the NFA (National Firearms Act).

Unfortunately for 2 Chainz and his associates, "police confiscated the following: metal marijuana grinders covered in residue, marijuana pipes, Rx meds (Hydrocodone and Flexeril), rolling papers, scales, a semi-auto Sig Sauer SP2340 pistol, a Mossberg model 500 12-gauge pump-action shotgun and a semi-auto Glock pistol," none of which are legal in The Sooner State.

No charges have been against the Def Jam artist at this time, but it's only a matter of time.