Getting open-face slapped into the next state by Maino wasn't enough for Yung Berg, who continues to provoke beef. In this video that surfaced yesterday, Berg calls out Ne-Yo, saying "It's unfortunate that so early in the morning you would wake up on my d---. And I say that in the most no homo-ist manner I could ever say things in my life!"

He then refers to the R&B singer (who we actually like) as a "Ninja Turtle face mothaf----," and addresses the camera with some "photographic proof that Ne-Yo is suspect," showing two photos; one in a kind of yoga pose (which we've seen on the net million times), the other with a lip ring.

"Is that a lip ring Shafer? You real Santa Monica boulevard right now n----!" He yells, while wearing some kind of Ghostbusters backpack, rocking a diddy-hawk. Then he goes on to dedicate his new song to Ne-Yo, singing along with it in the most "no-homo-ist" way, we're sure.

Check the video, then check yourself: