Good music doesn't take long to make an impact, and nobody knows that better than 2005's hip-hop MVP, Young Jeezy. Back with his highly-anticipated follow-up 'The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102,' he hopes to become recognized as a real MC.

"With 'The Inspiration,' I really wanted to test the hearts of men and just give them something to think about," he told AOL Music while on a break from his hectic promotional tour. "I wanted to say things with more intention and deliver it in a way that you have to respect it, like you couldn't deny it."

As the owner of a clothing line and his own Corporate Thugz Entertainment label, the Snowman said he thrives around equally hungry people and, unlike some rappers, he's not mad at Jay-Z's return to the mic.

"I didn't ever feel that, 'cause we've always done our own leg work, our own promo, everything. You know, the only thing Def Jam did is up our stock. If I go to Jay for anything, it'll be for something I couldn't get done," he said.

If he ever does have a problem with his boss, you won't hear about it on your local radio morning show. "That's something you should talk about, you know what I mean? It's not making it better for everybody else to know what's going on. It's still a company and a label, so a lot of sh*t is supposed to stay internal 'til we work it out. But, I'm cool baby. We gonna sell records without all that."

For those of you keeping track, that's Thug Motivation 103.

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